In this modern world PVC is common name which use of common salt and petro by products many of us have heard of uPVC which is used for non - clog plumbing but not exactly clear about the difference. The added 'u' to PVC denotes un-plastance that loses its shape when heated and then becomes stronger as it cools..

Of cource , u PVC can also be a very aesthetically and recylable eco- friendly metrial. This material doesn't contain any phthalates or BPA , so it is actually quite safe and becoming a very common building metrial which is used for the following things, amongest others.

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INSTA sealed hermatically for Towing heating and cooling costs. INSTA honastly assured for high thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity. The energy efficient nature ensure saving of almost 30-35% energy bills in the long run. Apart from thid the costs of INSTA is so aattractive.

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Insta used 85% of tropical mix and 15% of tio2 as filler content of high impact strength. INSTA used elegant and best quality hardware. INSTA used cute and non-expanded EPDE qaskets for optimum sealing to product sound and water. indsta provide a multi-chamber profile in fact, a double seal that ensures inhereat insulation. insta assured freedom from warping rot and corrosion. All profile filted freedom from 1mm to 1.5mm GI renforcement procured by SAIL. Customized fit and finish is our motto which is called INSTA MOTTO.

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